OBC 2021 Pennant Wrap

What a season – 4 Sides – 3 Premierships !!

Congratulations to all the players, members and administrators of OBC for a fabulous 20/21 Pennant Season. Despite the adversity and delays caused by COVID we banded together to fill 4 Pennant Bowls teams:

Saturday Pennant ‐ (1) Division 3 Sect 10 (2) Division 6 Sect 8
Tuesday Pennant ‐ Division 4 Sect 8
Thursday 7a Side ‐ Open

After 5 months of hard work, practice and great performances we won 3 Premierships – what a
sensational effort !!

Congratulations to:

Div 6 Sect 8 ( Saturday) Relegated to Div 6 last season – and straight back up to Div 5 this season ‐ a mighty effort. On top of the ladder for most of the season and led by Manager Maryanne Saffigna, the team won both. their finals in fine style – including a fantastic Grand Final performance in extremely difficult conditions. Well done to all players ‐ a magnificent performance!!

Div 4 Sect 8 ( Tuesday) Competitive all year with a group of 16 players all sharing the load the team
finished second on the ladder and won both finals convincingly including a great Grand Final
performance. What a fabulous achievement !! The Grand Final win brought to a close the fabulous
bowling career of Mona Friend – a proud Life Member still playing determinedly at age 89. Well
done Mona – you are a real Oakleigh stalwart.

7 a Side – (Thursday) A collective group of 9‐10 players battled through the season finishing fourth
on the ladder. They then beat the previously undefeated top side in the Semi and then triumphed in
the Grand Final by 1 shot!! A truly great performance by all contributing players.

Our top team in Div 3 Sect 10 worked hard all year to retain our place in Div 3 and remain
competitive. Despite some extremely adverse surfaces they battled hard and held on to finish midtable.

We are a very small club in comparison to the huge multi team clubs that boast hundreds of
members ‐ but we are a real club – a group of friends playing for each other. We have demonstrated what can be achieved through determination, dedication and sticking together.
Well done to all of our players, members and administrators for their magnificent efforts during a
tough 20/21 season of bowls. We look forward to next season with keen anticipation.

Go The Mighty Oaks !!

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