Oakleigh Bowling Club is Open

Hi Fellow Club Members

Great news from Bowls Vic – we have the go ahead to reopen our Greens and Clubrooms ( albeit under certain conditions).


As of today Wed 28th you can now bowl on either top or bottom green as long as 1.5m social distance is observed.

(There is no need to book a time – normal conditions apply. Masks may be worn as an option.)

Social distance of 1.5m MUST be observed by all people in attendance – on or off the green.

Equipment cannot be shared.

Groups of up to 4 may play together




The Club rooms and bar will be open but the following conditions MUST be observed.

A maximum of 20pp is allowed inside the clubhouse but only in groups of 10 ( ie 2 separate groups).

The groups MUST be  in separate areas of the Clubhouse – ie, bar lounge, deck, or main hall.

A minimum of 4 sqm per person applies to all groups

OBC proposes that Group 1 may be in the bar lounge area and Group 2 in the TV/bar Lounge as long as an appropriate distance is observed.


A maximum of up to 50pp may be allowed outside on the Deck or immediate club surrounds.

Social distance of  2 sqm per person applies.

Please ensure you sign the Attendance Register located in the main Locker room and please observe the social distance limits.

We are all very excited to be back on the greens and in the rooms so let’s ALL do our part to maintain these conditions and ensure we are back for good. Thank you to everyone for their patience and perseverance and it is hope we may start a shortened Pennant season before Christmas ( To be confirmed)

Good Bowling everyone.


Steve Carr

for the COM

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