Oakleigh Bowling Club – COVID update

Hello Fellow Club Members

I hope you are all surviving this Lockdown in this very difficult time in our lives.

The introduction of the latest COVID Stage 4 Restrictions which are now in force means that OBC can no longer remain open and its facilities cannot be used.

The Committee of Management (COM) has agreed that we must reluctantly close our Club’s facilities and advise all members to stay away from the Club. This is a very sad situation but we must all recognize the seriousness of what is now classified as a Disaster and we must do our bit to prevent the spread of this virus.

Please be advised that the Club’s facilities in entirety are closed until further notice ( but it is expected until at least 14th September). This means you cannot bowl or even enter the Club property unless you have an urgent priority.

We request that all members adhere to these new restrictions and make our own contribution to halting the spread of this virus.

The COM extends its best wishes to all our members in this difficult time and we hope to all be together at the Club sometime in the future.

Good luck and stay well.



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