Club AGM and Awards Day

Congratulations to all club members for their outstanding efforts this year.

Two of our first-year members, John Davis and Phil Hulbert, collected a trophy for their runner-up results this year. Ron and Susan Peng collected 5 between them and Joyce Watts’ grand total was down a little on last year, but 4 is a commendable haul by any individual standard. Who did better?

On the Committee of Management front, John Davis will be replacing Peter Casserly as Activities Support manager. He and his secret team will be responsible for website and Facebook output from next month onward, so you might all be seeing a slightly new look. Or you mightn’t.

Heather Topp presented Peter Casserly with a very unexpected Appreciation Award for his contribution to the club. In return, the club has a surprise addition to its marble-panelled walls – a modern portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, cherished, but no longer required for Peter’s move to Perth.

The winners and place-getters list is on the site’s Competition tab. Scroll below for our photo memories of the day.

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