Father & Son Team wins OBC Pairs Tournament

It makes them sound like strangers, doesn’t it? Anything but. Our very own Elias and Tommy Zafiropoulos dug deep for a combination of skill, experience, and frequent, audible calls for assistance from Jesus to place themselves so far in front at the end of the day, everyone else must have thought they themselves were coming first.

Through a haze of Gauloise ciggies smoke visible from the Hubble, Tommy later put their success down to three meat pies and eleventy helpings of dessert at lunch time. Heather Topp was imploring him to eat even more, frequently cooing, “Come on Tommy, have one more, you know it’s your favourite”, so she’d have to be a danger to live with, surely.

Defending Inaugural Champions Stelios Imvrios and Peter Casserly gave the appearance of looking windswept and threatening as they huddled over a strategy involving diagrams, pen, protractor, French Curves and a piece of paper before play, but their actual bowling had the direction of a Cessna crossing the Bermuda Triangle. They bobbed about up there, alternately lunging for the stick and rudder before finally winning the last of their three games.

Recently-past members Jenna Conroy and Bernadette de Sousa made a welcome and happy return to claim Runner-Up pair on the day. For having been a part of the Flemington Kensington team which was section victor in the 2018/2019 Pennant season, Bernadette out-blinged everyone on the day – even someone who was trying a little too hard – with her weighty and beautiful gold medal with necklace.

Our friends Sue Foley and Dennis Tarrant from Murrumbeena Community Bendigo Bank generously and ably supported the day to enable us to give prize money for third and the lucky last, all visitors from neighbouring clubs. We had Natalie Lalor & Michael Harrison from Murchison/Moorabbin clubs in 3rd and Lucky Silver Spooners Barbara and Charles from Chadstone.

We had Eileen and Louise on the entry tills, 93 year old Marg Sellenger in the kitchen, Mary-Anne and Heather keeping an eye on the welcome mat and the spot prizes, the usual suspects such as Mick at the bar and everyone else who made the day such a super one.

The final Thank You goes out to all those visiting players from Coatsville, City of Melbourne, St Kilda, Altona, Bayswater, and Murrumbeena Park clubs.

We really appreciate your support.





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