The Fat on Barefoot Bowls and Burgers

Our Friday night Barefoot Bowls and Burgers are becoming more successful as word gets around. There’s one more to come before the seasons turn, which will be on April 5, so put that one in your diary and get the word out to family, work colleagues and friends. Last night, entire families, friend and colleague groups enjoyed perfect weather and bowled their little hearts out under the lights till closing time. We even had to bring out our vintage bowls sets.

Kerry and Angelo did a superb job under the chef tent, knocking out burgers that met the promise of the cheeky burger photos sourced from online photo libraries. Stewart, Colin, Les and Peter all did their bit to explain the finer points of foot placement and bowl bias. Mick and Ron kept everyone happy at the bar. And they were pretty pleased about being there themselves, it must be said.

Up on deck, some found all the action they needed for the night, with plenty of thigh-slapping tall stories, dips, chips, bottles of bubbly and a mysterious block of Cadbury Crème Egg.

As the night wound down, club stalwarts gladly posed for some atmospheric people shots inside the clubroom, no doubt pondering their chances in the last of the club championship games coming their way.


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