Saturday Pennant season comes to a close

It’s been a sporting year for Oakleigh bowlers. Our first team lifted in the second half of the season and our second team came to within cooee of a berth in the finals. Alas, our dreams must carry over to next year, as St Kilda came through with a solid performance on all 4 rinks at Albert Park yesterday.

A few adventurous souls in the second team kick-started their day at one of Albert Park’s many beautiful cafes. The coffee, waffles, scrambled eggs and lashings of bacon – yes, Enid Blyton-style – were all tastier than the defeat suffered just 4 hours later. Plenty of pink champagne, some icy lemon lime bitters and good pizza washed the defeat away.

Well done to all team members for your efforts and training this year. The Tuesday pennant is still running for a short while longer, so good luck to all Tuesday players as your season concludes.

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