Straya Day was a Super Saturday

The club’s Super Saturday was a big success. We played bowls, of course, but name any other club in the nation where the mud cake flows as freely, the Aperol Spritzers flow a little too freely (the novelty will wear off) and a man holding a sprig of crabgrass recites a beautiful, touching pome. You can’t.

Guest blogger Colin Topp describes the competition aspect of the day in his best reporter voice:

Super Saturday went off really well with 5 matches played. A big thank you to all the players that participated, all the markers and all those that worked on the b.b.q. and in the kitchen preparing the salads etc and desert. Good food, good drink and good conversation was had by all.

The matches on Saturday were:

Steve Carr def. John Davis (Proportional)

Cath Jackson def. Peter Casserley (Minor)

Phil Hulbert def. Mitchell Faircloth (Minor)

John Davis def. Geoff Sleeth (Minor)

Les/Colin def. Susan/Joyce (Club Pairs Final)


Phil Hulbert def. Joyce Watts (Proportional)

Les West def. Susan Peng (Proportional)

Heather/Michael def. Eileen/Terry (Mixed Pairs)



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