Christmas 2018

The club’s mid-pennant breather is marked by Men’s and Ladies’ Championship games and, of course, our Christmas luncheon.

There was no repeat of the downpour that made our Melbourne Cup festivities so memorable. On matters Naughty and Nice, there WAS… some disturbingly childish behaviour from some of the tables, but putting party hats on adults does bring this sort of thing out. Joyce traded her Killer Bowling Shoes for some Killer Elf Shoes. Ask her secret for winning 3 championships in a row. Ha! Only the Elf knows!

One little birdy observed to another that Peter Casserly initially understood his new nickname Cassowary to be a term of endearment before he hopped on the internet to discover it’s a doltish pea-brained thing that lives a solitary life in the bush, and now he’s not so sure. He’s more certain about his singing. He shouldn’t. At Carols, he gave a reasonable impression of a rugby player trying to sing Vance Stray Affair. Mouth was moving, but nothing coming out. In any case, the woman up the end was too strident.

Mick and Leanne found a spinning top in each of their Christmas crackers. It’s amazing what you can make a conversation piece out of.

John Davis hammered away on the Wurlitzer with distinguished effectiveness, accompanied on flute by social member Jonathan McIntosh. Both have agreed to do it in drag next year, to become our very own Margarita Pracatan and Jane Rutter. Sue Foley’s command soprano performance will still hold its own, but she’ll need a massive wig to compete with the other two.

Charlie Taripo was having none of this namby-pamby carols nonsense. He grabbed the bull by the horns and led the tea-sipping crowd into not one, but two, stirring renditions of the Haka, the second being necessary to awaken those who’d fallen asleep in the carols.

Tommy turned up late for lunch but still managed to impale himself on eleventy roast potatoes and twifty slabs of cheesecake, but a growing boy needs something, doesn’t he?

Steve Carr hosted the raffle, for which many members gave generous contributions.


Short of late edits, that’s it, folks! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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