Melbourne Cup Day

Just like at Flemington itself, our own Melbourne Cup was very nearly a wash-out. Les West reported 46 millimetres in the rain gauge at the end of the day. A handful of us got a mild soaking between carpark and clubhouse, but nothing dampened our appetites, nothing shortened the tall tales of our resident bon-vivants, scallywags and raconteurs and nothing outshone the colour and enthusiasm of our guests and members as the day progressed through champagne and nibbles, pre-lunch races, the expected top-notch top-nosh lunch and Fashions on The Green before everyone – boys included – ripped off the stilettos and enjoyed social bowls.

Thank you to our sponsor Yellowtail and all the club members who did a brilliant job in making a memorable day.

PS: A little squirrel advises that Peter Casserly won a fistful of moolah in the quinella and he doesn’t even know what a quinella is. But he knows what money is. Still, undeserved. Les West donned the only Hawaii shirt that’s ever been made with a pack of wild horses running along its lower perimeter. Never a big seller. Well, a single print never is, is it? Would have looked good with Charlie’s shoes. But no, they’re Charlie’s. And he needed them to win him Best Man on The Green. He was a picture, top to toe. A Little Fairy found her singing voice (and a tubful of wooblah) at the end of the day. John Davis started tickling the ivories. At first glance, it looked like he had Michelle Pfeiffer draped over him. The second glance? It wasn’t Michelle, but she was having a damned good time! Our visiting Mo-Sista Therese raised a stack of money for Movember. She tucked the first few notes under her bra strap before hitting on the idea of an envelope. Much better, given the sensibilities of the man sitting next to her. And didn’t her Mum rock!



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