A new season begins

The greens are open for 2018. No ordinary opening, either. This year was special, marking the official unveiling of the club’s new deck by major sponsor Murrumbeena Community Bendigo Bank and local state parliamentarian Steve Dimopoulos.

Both Murrumbeena Community Bendigo  Bank and the Victorian Government generously contributed a fistful of money to the construction of the deck and the result is a community asset that will be appreciated for decades.

Custom determined that Steve would roll the jack to declare the greens open and that he did with sufficiently pleasing form to earn himself a place in the side.

Rain hampered play. Mona’s back from hossie. Tommy had 12 sandwiches. Sam and Jimmy are off to Canberra. Bill Neilson video-linked from the Birdsville Races. Peter Casserly sat at the wrong table, but that enabled him to get the goss on Tommy’s sandwich count. Jim Pask was a picture in his finery. Steve Dimopoulos was caught nicking ideas from Peter Casserly. Or did Peter Casserly freely give them?

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