Club Championships conclude

A message from tournament directors Trevor, Michael and Colin, written by Colin:

Hi Bowlers,

All hail the new Queen of the turf Susan “Candy Crush” Peng who won the inaugural “Open” Proportional Championship last night 103-87 against Michael “The Analyst” Stait. Congratulations to both Susan & Michael for an absorbing final over 22 ends.

Congratulations to all winners & runners up in the various formats and thank you for all those who entered and had a go, we cannot run these comps without your participation so try again next year and remember you are only one win away from victory.

Here is a list of all winners & runners up:


Men’s Singles: Les West  –  Tommy Zafiropoulos

Ladies Singles: Joyce Watts  –  Heather Topp

Men’s Pairs: TommyZafiropoulos & Elias Zafiropoulos

Angelo Alateras & Peter (Yoti) Panteleris

Ladies Pairs: Susan Peng & Joyce Watts  – Mary-Anne Saffigna & Margaret Reid

Mixed Pairs: Tommy Zafiropoulos & Louise Saffigna  – Steve Carr & Kerry Carr

Minor Singles: Bill Neilson  –  Ronal Peng

Open Proportional: Susan Peng  –  Michael Stait


Colin (on behalf of the tournament committee Michael Stait & Trevor Lindley)


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